Watch these videos to lean how each of these exercises are actually harmful!

Here is the first one about TRX exercises

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  Yes, I used to do these too until I learned the science during my Masters and Doctorate studies in physical therapy school.   Sit ups/ crunches/ leg lifts, bicycles, etc.


This is probably the most common exercise done on the planet. As fitness professionals, we have the opportunity to help people avoid rapid onset of back arthritis. By educating them on the science of getting “Abs” and “core training” we can separate ourselfs from the mass media of hype and false claims and hopes.


Imagine 3 football players standing on your back while you arch and bend your back and rub your back joints together with 740+ pounds of friction. That is some SERIOUS wear and tear.



Wall Squats



No matter if you use a ball, a foal roller, a pet cat... as long as you lean back to squat, this happens in your knee.


There are so many ways to drop bodyfat through hundreds of different movements. WIth this type of information we can use movements that do not have hidden dangers.


The biggest hidden danger is the accelerated wear and tear (AKA arthritis) that comes from doing movements that are putting more friction on our bodies.
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  Side Laterals

This one simple tweak in technique can spare you that sharp pain you may feel when you reach quickly or lift overhead.


Some times we need to completely avoid certain movement. Sometimes it only takes one small change in how you do it to make a BIG difference.



This is yet another example of how one simple change makes so much sense. It take it from harmful and not functional to therapeutic (because of the increased glute activation) and more "life like".


"Life like" = how you move in life


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